Gutter Cleaning

gutter cleaning in dorchester and weymouth dorset including gutter facia and soffit cleaning

Clearing Gutters

We clear all Gutters and down pipes of all debris including moss grass and plants that have taken hold, all mud and silt and anything else that is blocking the free flowing drainage of water. we can clear gutter that are hard to get to such as above conservatories or extentions and we can go to 4 floors in height.

Facias and soffit Cleaning

We can clean up the exterior of gutters Facias and soffits just call for a free quotation on

 01305 564 247

Areas covered

We cover Dorchester and Weymouth but also all surrounding areas including Bridport, 

Blandford Forum and Wareham.


We remove all waste and take it with us.


We will notify the customer of any problems with the gutters such as damage leaks or anything that should be brought to the customers attention. if you would like your broken gutters, soffits or Facias repaired we have a handy man who can give you a free quote.

Price List

Please note gutters higher than 2 floors may cost more.PLEASE phone for quote